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  1. Nada Debs Interview

    Nada Debs is a Lebanese interior/furniture designer, who grew up in Japan and then later went on to study in America. She then opened her company in the UK and now lives and works in Lebanon.

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  2. Hamptons Style

    The Hamptons are where the rich go to play; a retreat situated North of New York with beautiful beaches and ritzy residences. Hampton style focuses on beach living, a casual and relaxed theme but finished in a very timeless and sophisticated way. This style uses bright and neutral colours to let natural light flow freely throughout the space. Blues are always a favorite, using the grey tones more. Keep with a subdued colour pallet, giving an overall relaxed feel to the space, which is the most important thing to keep in mind.

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  3. Love gifting? Here’s an exclusive and high-end home décor shop to choose from.

    Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him) said: Exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another (Al-Bukhaari) There is no doubt that gifts play an important role in celebrations and festivals and at Bits & Pieces we understand and constantly strive towards finding something better. We are a one-stop shop for buyers with an eye for exclusive and high-end home decor products, ranging from beautifully crafted kitchenware and tabletop accessories to exotic candles and sumptuous textiles.

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  4. Arabesque - Rediscovering The Biomorphic Art

    Biomorphic art also known as Islimi, Nebati, Arabesque is one of the three distinct disciplines that underpin the Islamic art (the other two being Calligraphy and Geometry). In a broad sense of this term, the arabesque includes ornamentation in stylized plant forms and strictly geometrical interlacing work. Stylized plant forms represent the sense of rhyme, which is a main characteristic of artistic expression in Islamic art along with a spirit of geometry.

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  5. Give your home fresh new look for spring 2015

    Spring is here amongst us and there is no better time to refresh your home and give it a bit more colour than this time of the year. Gold fixtures, including brass and copper are an interior trend going strong and continuing as a scorching theme this year. Gold in interiors has the ability to look amazingly luxurious or extremely tacky, so a great attention to detail when using this is key. It has been used to create beautiful bold bathtubs, deluxe kitchens, lamps and accessories. The Bits&Pieces 22k rich matte gold glazed salt and pepper shakers are perfect to add a touch of class to anyone’s dining table, in a subtle yet lavish way.

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  6. Home Inspiration of the Month: Eclectic Interiors

    There was a time when interior design was much more straightforward, sticking to clearly defined prints, textures and palettes. As interior design evolves, a lot like the fashion world, it is becoming more about individuality and personality. An interior that cannot be referred to as having one particular style is normally called eclectic. Eclecticism appeared in the XIX century and initially meant the mixture of Baroque, Classicism and Renaissance. It is a mixture of objects taken from different countries, styles and eras. This is not to say that your interior should end up looking like a disorganized mess. There are a lot of design rules that come into play when creating an impressive eclectic interior and this is one of the most difficult styles to work with.

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